Tofu Lunchmeat 125 g VETO ECO

Vegetarian product based on tofu and buckwheat. The tofu lunchmeat is marinated in tasty brine and packed in cans. Long durability. Ideal also for trip and holidays. The tofu lunchmeat is tasty cold as well, for example with pastry. The tofu lunchmeat can be roasted, fried and grilled. More

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Price: 1,58 €  / 1,26 € za 100 g

  • Gluten free

Description, composition and nutritional values



  • Cold - cut the lunchmeat tofu in pieces, put them on a bread and eat with vegetable salad for example
  • Meat substitute - this tasty tofu lunchmeat can be roasted, fried or grilled and then served with a side dish instead of meat

Tofu Lunchmeat consists of tofu that Veto Company produces itself and fresh tofu is added into the product. Veto has produced tofu for more than 20 years, and has used certified and tested soy without genetic modification only.

Due to sterilization (heating up to 120 ° C), it does not have to be stored in a cool place and despite that its durability lasts for more than 2 years. This will be appreciated not only by traders, but also by consumers, who can have a "stockpile" of tofu at home. The is opened easily and that is why this product is also ideal for trips and holidays..

Soybean is about a meter tall plant with pods containing soybeans. It is one of the oldest cultural crops. It originated in China and was grown already more than 2000 years BC. Soy grows better in warmer tropical and subtropical climates. Tofu, tempeh, soy sauces, miso, natto, various soy drinks, yoghurts, spreads and smoked products are made of soy. In addition, it is also used in industry for the production of biodiesel, cosmetic products, oils, soaps and plastics.


Water, rapeseed oil, tofu 20% w/w (SOY, nigari), buckwheat, EGG WHITE, yeast extract, rice, spice, salt.


Eggs, Soybeans


Store at 2–27 °C, use immediately after opening.

  • Legislative classification Sterile soy product - canned

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Nutritional data for 100 g

energy value 1 285 kJ / 0 kcal
Fats: 30,9 g
from that saturated fatty acids: 1,3 g
Carbohydrates: 2,0 g
from that sugars: 0,2 g
Proteins: 5,8 g
Salt: 1,6 g

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