Showroom shop Rudná, Rudná u Prahy

The shop is small, but you can see or get everything that our wholesale offers. What is not in shelve - can be ordered here.

Showroom shop Rudná

Where will you find us?

Showroom shop Rudná

K Vypichu 1 039, hall no. 7
252 19 Rudná u Prahy

Opening hours

Mon-Th 8.00–11.00, 13.00–15.30
Fri 8.00–11.00, 12.00–13.30

Shop manager

Petra Špačková
Telephone: +420 313 033 945

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The shop is located in the Prologis warehouse complex (hall no. 7) in Rudná, at the entrance/reception to our wholesale warehouse. Small shop offers only part of the range, but everything can be ordered and picked up here. Pastries from our organic bakery (Nenačovice) are also available. You can also pick up Dobroty magazine for free here.

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