As time went by... People, workshops, buildings, achievements, activities… Step by step from our beginning to the present.

1991 Foundation of Country Life 

This year our wholesale store and our first shop were established. Our first wholesale store was located in small rented premises in Prague's Suchdol. The first shop was a shop in Melantrichova 15, which is still located at this address.

1992 Wholesale store in Hostivice near Prague

The wholesale store was moved to larger premises in Hostivice near Prague, where it lasted until 2003.

1992 Foundation of our organic farm

1992  Cooperation with ADRA

We have been supporting ADRA since it was founded in 1992.

1993 Newly opened shop in Jungmannova Street (Prague)

From the very beginning, we have been operating both a shop and a snack bar in Jungmannova Street.

1997  Natural cosmetics shop

The natural cosmetic shop was opened in Melantrichova Street (Prague).

1998  First restaurant

The shop in Melantrichova (Prague) was reconstructed, and a newly opened self-service restaurant was established in the shop´s yard.

1998 First “bio” in Czech supermarkets

We've managed to break into the supermarket shelves.

1998 supermarket

2003  Moving to Nenačovice (15 km from Prague)

The old cowshed and hayloft were reconstructed, and a new part - Ark - was built. Ark has the parameters of a passive house. Since then, the company's headquarters, wholesale store, packaging and organic farm have been located in Nenačovice (near Pragu).

2004 The First event Biodožínky

The First Organic Harvest was organised in our headquaters in Nenačovice. Since then, they have been held annually on the second Sunday in September.

2005  Foundation of bio-bakery

In Nenačice, we bake an assortment of sweet and savoury pastries - all in organic quality.


2006 Barták's Pot Award

Barták's Pot is an award for the best organic farmer of the year.

2008  Newly opened shop in Dejvice (Prague)

After building reconstruction, we opened our largest shop on the street of Čs. Armády (Prague) where also our bistro can be found.

_countryl_jpg (34)

2009 Project Bio-schools

Between 2009–2011, we implemented the project Bio-Schools, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. We had published a set of information materials for parents and schools and organised Bio-markets and healthy cooking courses for school chefs. We hosted a conference on school bio-catering.

2010 We opened e-shop

We have started selling our products online.

2010 New company logo

After 19 years of existence, we changed the logo for the first time.


2012 Prague food festival

Presentation of organic food and healthy nutrition assortment that included a tasting of our healthy menu and lectures on organic and healthy nutrition.


2012 Dobroty Magazine

We began publishing the Dobroty magazine, which we distribute in a circulation of 40,000 copies in health food stores throughout the country.


2012 Shop in Karlín (Prague)

The shop on Sokolovská Street (Prague) joint the family of our stores.


2013 Newly opened shop in Vinohrady (Prague)

Since this year we have a shop of organic food and healthy nutrition at Vinohradská 125, Prague 3.


2014 Gluten-free pastry

In the specialised bakery in Kladno, we started to bake both salty and sweet gluten-free pastries.


2014 Newly opened shop in Francouzská Street (Prague)

We opened our last organic food and health food store in Francouzská Street.


2014 Big redesign - New packaging designs on our products

We said goodbye to packaging that lasted more than 15 years. How do you like the new ones?

2015  New natural cosmetics shop in Liliová (Praha)

We opened a new natural cosmetics store, which is located in the heart of Prague, in Liliová Street. In the premises of the original shop in Melantrichova, we have established a shop specialising in gluten-free products.


2015 Redesign - New company logotype

We have changed the company logo for the second time in history.


2016 Wholesale store located in Rudná near Prague

From Nanačovice to Rudná. Our wholesale store has moved to larger premises.


2016 Newly opened store in Ostrava

Our first out-of-Prague store started operating at the end of 2016.


2017 Newly opened store in Břevnov, Prague 6

At the same place as the we had previous store in past.


2017 Country Life opened wholesale store in Slovakia

On January 1st, we opened the Slovak wholesale branch.


2017 Newly opened store in Letná, Prague 7

The store is furnished in a brand new modern style.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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