Jungmannova Bistro, Praha 1

We offer a selection of hot and cold vegan dishes, salads, sandwiches and cakes. You can sit down and eat or buy a takeaway.

Jungmannova Bistro

Where will you find us?

Jungmannova Bistro

Jungmannova 1
110 00 Praha 1

Opening hours

Mon-Th 8.30–18.00
Fri 8.30–16.30 (month II.)
Fri 8.30–17.30 (III., X.)
Fri 8.30–18.00 (IV.–IX.)
Fri 8.30–15.30 (XI.–I.))

Shop manager

Jana Jalovcová
Telephone: +420 224 247 280
E-mail: jungmannova@countrylife.cz

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